Topy Enterprises, Limited, aims to be a company that meets the needs of customers and provides greater value than expected.

Corporate Philosophy

As a professional group with a high level of expertise, our perspective is global. Topy intends to offer a wide range of contributions to society as it makes great strides as a specialized trading company of the Topy Industries Group, while providing infinitely high quality products and services to customers and markets and enhancing safety and trust.

Since its establishment, Topy has been involved in the lives of many people in society by offering a variety of products and services, and the driving force behind this is the dream of achieving success. The bigger the dreams and the more people that have such dreams, the wider Topy’s business fields and channels become.

Based on these dreams, Topy Enterprises, Limited, will further refine its information gathering capabilities cultivated to this point and incorporate the different organizing functions that exceed the conventional concept of a trading company to contribute to society.

In addition, we will strengthen human resource development in order to consistently provide high-quality information and products to customers as a solution group, continuously increase employee potential, and create an environment where each employee can work joyfully and enthusiastically. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Sincerely yours,

Masayuki Yamaguchi
President, Topy Enterprises, Limited